Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Adventures of Jimmy and Charlie, a Children's Book (Review with Giveaway, Worldwide, Ends 11/17/13)

Disclosure: We received a free book in exchange for our honest opinion about it.

 Jimmy and Charlie used to be orphaned cats with no place to call home. Until one day when the brothers find a home on a farm!

The Adventures of Jimmy and Charlie is a collection of three short stories of excitement and adventure following the two cats as they explore their new world and make lifelong friends.

This is the perfect book for young readers to learn, along with Jimmy and Charlie, important lessons about God's faithfulness, his good purpose, and the importance of obeying your parents.

Rodney Mack wrote this book for children ages 4 and up. The characters are all real animals that live with him and his wife Marty on a small farm in the Midwest. The book is based on real events in the lives of Jimmy and Charlie. There are plenty of fun black and white drawings to illustrate the story, and photos of the Macks' beloved pets.

I know that this books says that it is for ages 4 and up, but Daniella (almost three) is in LOVE with this story! She frequently asks to read about Jimmy and Charlie and amazes me with her attention span and how long she will sit and listen to the story. She easily makes it through half of the story in one sitting. The book itself is 65 pages, which includes black and white drawings throughout plus seven pages of black and white photos at the end. I absolutely love that not only are these stories based of real cats and their adventures, but there is some gentle guidance involved with lessons about how God is faithful, why it is important to obey and listen to your parents and more!

Brandon (11 years old) is a bit old for the book, but I did catch him giggling several times while reading it to Daniella. So he obviously enjoyed Charlie and Jimmy's antics as well! Daniella will refer to Jimmy and Charlie as "those feisty kittens" which I think is adorable! Daniella's favorite parts are when Charlie and Jimmy go chasing frogs and when they meet turkeys for the first time!

This book is ideal for a child who is just beginning to read chapter books as the words are fairly easy (though certainly more than "See Spot run.") and the book is broken down into three sections, each about 20 pages long.

Here is a sample page:

As of this writing, the book is currently cheaper on Amazon by $.80!
A free audio download is available with purchase of the book. Take Jimmy and Charlie everywhere with your children.

Reading these stories left us with the urge to visit the Macks' farm ourselves to go on some adventures with their animals. We hope to see more adventures in the future!

One lucky winner will win a signed copy of the book!

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