Saturday, October 26, 2013

Whistlefritz - The Fun Way to Teach Your Child Spanish Through Immersion!

Disclosure: We received a free Educator's Collection from Whistlefritz in exchange for our honest opinion about it.

Enrich Spanish instruction with the award-winning, multi-media Educator’s Collection from Whistlefritz. The Educator’s Collection provides a rich and diverse set of tools for Pre-K and early elementary Spanish teachers. Developed by creative and experienced educators, Spanish Lesson Plans for Kids is a scaffolded curriculum of 40 reproducible lessons that engage children in a diverse array of interactive, age-appropriate activities. Spanish for Kids DVDs teach vocabulary through an appealing blend of live action and animation ideal for visual learners. Spanish for Kids CDs get children on their feet singing and dancing to an irresistible mix of Latin songs and rhythms. The Matching Cards are a playful introduction to action words. Packed with fun, laughter, and music, the Educator’s Collection is a treasure trove of teaching activities and materials for the Spanish classroom!

The Spanish Educator's Collection by Whistlefritz comes complete with Spanish Lesson Plans for Kids (a book with 40 reproducible lessons), 5 DVDs, 2CDs  and a Matching Cards game!

This is the set of DVDs and CDs. Both of my children (Brandon, 11, and Daniella, almost 3) enjoyed watching these movies and listening to the CDs. Brandon had about 2 years of formal Spanish instruction before being exposed to this curriculum so he was immediately able to understand some of it and by what he could understand, he was able to fill in the blanks with some help. Daniella loves Fritzi and wants to see what he is up to next.

All of the DVDs and CDs come together in a boxed set.

I do have a suggestion for Whistlefritz. We found it difficult to select and find a specific DVD to watch. If you look on the outer edge of the DVD cases, they are not labeled by title. If you look at the front of the cases, it is not immediately obvious which DVD is which as the cases are all identical except for one small thing. My husband nor I were able to find that subtle difference until Brandon pointed it out. If you look closely at the cases, the title that is in each case is highlighted in yellow. It would be great if the titles were also at least put on the outer edge of the DVD case so that we don't have to pull all of the DVDs out of the boxed set in order to find the one specific DVD that the kids want to watch.

Here is a sample page from inside the lesson plan book. This is easy enough that my 11 year old can figure it out and lead himself through a lesson. Sometimes he will also lead Daniella through a lesson as well.

Here they are working on a lesson that involves talking about the parts of the kitchen (refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, etc.)

Om this lesson, they are working on body parts.

Here is what the lesson plan book looks like.

This is the front and back of the matching cards game. It is played just like Memory except that it also has a descriptive Spanish word on each card to discuss when each card is individually flipped over during the game.

Here is Daniella and Brandon playing the Matching Cards game and discussing the Spanish words which is a great way to work on pronunciation. Whenever a card was flipped over that Brandon didn't know what it meant, he used his Spanish to English dictionary to help build his Spanish vocabulary.

This game is also great for teaching same vs. different. Daniella had to determine is each pair was a matching set or not. She was actually quite good at finding matches and using her memory to remember where they were "hiding". She surprised us with how well she did!

Overall, the Whistlefritz set is geared towards teaching Spanish through immersion to children ages 1-7. However, I think that Brandon is learning a great deal from it, even at age 11. Daniella's new thing is if I am having a conversation with her or anyone else and she recognizes a word (in English) that she doesn't know what it means, she will ask me, "Mama, are you speaking Spanish?". I find this interesting that she is applying the idea that if she doesn't understand the word, that it is part of a foreign language. :) But because we school our children the way that we do, I use it as an opportunity to teach her the new word and what it means to also expand her English vocabulary. I believe that my children have learned a lot from the Whistlefritz set. 

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