Monday, November 25, 2013

Catholic Learning Toys For Children (Review with Giveaway, Ends 12/16/13, US Only)

Disclosure: I received a free Catholic Mass felt playset in exchange for my honest opinion about it.

Juniper Plum made a gorgeous Catholic Mass felt playset for Daniella. I was able to choose the color for the background (I chose blue, as it is her favorite color) and whether I wanted the priest and the altar boy to be Caucasian or African American.

Daniella (3) is very interested in Mass at the moment. In fact, she's so interested in Mass right now that sometimes she can hardly sit still (let alone sit down) or sit quietly. Luckily, our monsignor encourages parents of young children to remain in the sanctuary, even if they are being a bit disruptive. Daniella asks many questions every week about what is going on during Mass. (In fact, this week, leaving Mass, she stopped to ask Father Pat who is allowed to open the tabernacle because she wanted to see inside!).
The Catholic Mass felt playset contains the following pieces:

Altar Boy
Priest's praying hands (to be placed on top of the chasuble chosen)
Vestment / Chasuble (green, violet, rose, gold, white, and red)
Altar cloth
3 Hosts
Sanctuary lamp
Book of the Gospels

This sweet play kit is so much fun! It can help your little one learn the parts of the Mass along with the various liturgical items. Use it to quietly follow along at church or to "play Mass" at home. 

My 3 year old is in love with this set. She hung on my knee the entire time I was working on it and kept asking to kiss "The Jesus" (the host). Every time I left my work table, I would come back to find the little parts moved around and the host missing. :) 

There are felt vestments in all the liturgical colors so that little hands can pick out one to match what Father is wearing that day at Mass. Then after setting up the Mass scene, they can move the felt priest from altar to ambo, etc., following where the priest goes and what he does. The tabernacle has a small door that opens and shuts so that the hosts can be taken in and out. 

The set comes with a sewn felt book that opens up into a church shaped playing board. The book is thick with extra heavy stabilizer inside. It measures approximately 6x9 inches - perfect size to fit into a purse or diaper bag and be held on a child's lap. It comes with a ribbon tie and a pocket sewn on the back to keep all the felt pieces stored in when not in use. 

The priest and altar boy can be made to look either Caucasian or African American. Please chose the option you prefer, along with your felt book color choice when ordering.

Best of all, this kit is entirely made out of felt, so it is completely quiet! At least until your toddler starts singing alleluia. :)

We have answered many questions from Daniella about the proper names of all the pieces. She wants to know what they are, how they are used and where they can be found in our sanctuary. This toy has sparked many conversations. She always watches the priest now as he enters Mass to see which vestment to put on her priest so he matches. So far, since receiving this playset, Father has worn three different vestments which has given us the opportunity to discuss why he wears different vestments for different Masses. Just in case you are curious, the three vestments have been green for ordinary time, white for All Saints Day, and gold for Christ the King Day. 

I love how the little pocket and ribbon closure keeps all of the pieces together so nicely!

Here is a couple of pictures of Daniella using it in Mass. As you can see, she moved a few pieces around on her own! :)

Here you can see Daniella dressed in her costume of Saint Katherine Drexel for All Saints Day while playing with the playset.

Here are both of the children dressed for All Saints Day. Brandon was Saint Paschal Baylon.

We love to move the pieces on the felt playset to mimic the movements of the priest during Mass. This is really helping Daniella begin to understand the parts of Mass better than any of the Children's Mass books or missalletes that we own!

I have had several parents approach me after Mass to inquire where we purchased this Catholic Mass felt playset from and we have proudly told them from Juniper Plum and told them that they can be found on etsy!

Note: This product is designed for kids ages 3 and up. It includes small parts that could pose a choking hazard. Not for children under 3. Buyer assumes all responsibility.

This set is handmade to order, so slight differences in shape or felt color may occur.

The Catholic Mass Felt Playset is $30 and would make a great stocking stuffer! Juniper Plum sells all kinds of Catholic learning materials that will help entertain your children during Mass while encourage them to learn more about their faith.

Juniper Plum will be offering a 10% off discount code the week of the review. Coupon code: NOV10
The giveaway item will be a "gift certificate" for any item from her etsy shop! How generous!

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