Monday, November 11, 2013

Children's Candy Kid's Clothing Boutique Review

Disclosure: I received a free custom made lilac swirls feathery hairband in exchange for my honest opinion about it.

Daniella and I have a passion for hair bows, hairbands and hair clips. Anything that makes her beauty accentuated! :) So we were both excited to order a custom made hair pretty from Children's Candy Kid's Clothing. I specifically requested that the hairband contain the colors lilac, white and black so that we could mix and match it easily amongst a few of her outfits.

Isn't it stunning?

I was a tad bit worried to begin with that it would not hold up very well. After all, the main piece looks like it is held together on a piece of felt that is attached to the hairband. But, this thing is incredibly durable. Daniella takes it off or starts running around and it loosens and falls off and I fix it all the time but it looks brand new still. She has worn it on at least three separate occasions now.

This hairband costs only $12.50! That's a steal of a deal. Hairbands make perfect stocking stuffers! Hairbands are the only items that Children's Candy Kid's Clothing custom makes. They do such a beautiful job. There are so many to choose from!

She loves to get all dolled up and look fancy. She even had on matching purple shoes with this outfit!

Then she even asked to add a beautiful green scarf to top of her outfit. She is quite the little diva now that she is three! But at least she has good taste :) (Her Children's Candy Kid's Clothing hairband is her FAVORITE!) She even got asked by our church organist if she was going to Mardi Gras! :)

She got all worn out from looking so pretty!

Speaking of being all dolled up and fancy, Children's Candy Kid's Clothing is perfect for helping you obtain that special cuteness for both every day wear and for special occasions. Children's Candy Kid's Clothing even has special neck ties, shirts and sets for BOYS, too! Not many boutiques offer that! They have a wide range of prices so there is definitely something for EVERYONE. Children's Candy Kid's Clothing has a whole section on winter gear for kids and kids pajamas, too!

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