Saturday, November 16, 2013

Do You Need Back Pain Relief? QiPillow Review #QVCGifts

Disclosure: I received a free QiPillow in exchange for my honest opinion about it.

When I first saw this pillow, my first thought was, "Maybe THIS will help my back be more comfortable when I sit at the computer writing my reviews and other blog posts." I have a severe case of scoliosis. My spine essentially looks like an upside down question mark. Here's what your spine SHOULD look like:

Not very question mark like, is it? Well, not only is my spine not shaped properly, but it has also begun twisting. Yikes!

I began seeing a chiropractor in NJ during my pregnancy with Brandon. We continued going until he was almost two and then my transportation changed and I moved so we stopped going. But we found an awesome Maximized Living chiropractor when we moved to GA and Brandon and I began seeing him in May of 2007 (when Brandon was five). We finally convinced Michael to join us in going in December 2009. I don't know how I would deal with my back pain without chiropractic care.
However, between adjustments, I needed something at home that I could use to help control my pain level. In comes QiPillow.

This pillow is unique in that it is an inflatable pillow! There are three layers to the QiPillow.

The inflatable portion

 The inner portion

 The outer cover

The outer cover is made of micro-suede and is super soft. The pillow itself is super lightweight. Daniella loves to steal my QiPillow from me!

I have used the QiPillow at both my computer desk behind me in my computer desk chair and on my couch. I have noticed that I need to adjust the inflatable portion based on where I use it to have it continue to be supportive.
Overall, I really like my QiPillow. I have definitely noticed a difference in my back pain since I began using it. It has been very helpful.

How does QiPillow differ from ordinary pillows?
-          In a word: support. QiPillow is far more than an ordinary pillow. It provides scientifically tested orthopedic back support for people of all shapes and sizes.
-          The QiPillow has been proven in a third party clinical study to help 91% of back pain sufferers relieve their back stiffness, pain and fatigue, and improve their sitting posture and comfort.  
-          Like a Sleep Number bed, it uses an air controlled orthopedic core to provide the much needed dynamic and individualized support to your back. 
-          Unlike ordinary pillows, QiPillow does not collapse under bodyweight and will help you to maintain the correct posture.
-          With QiPillow, your back support will always adjust to your body, seat and comfort, instead of the other way round.  There is nothing quite like it in the world.

Why do your readers need to pay attention to their back health?
-          According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, 30% of American adults are afflicted by low back pain. That means if you know three people, one of them is probably in pain.  Americans spend $200 billion a year treating back pain.
-          According to the Workers Safety and Insurance Board, simply sitting – without proper support -- is the leading cause for back pain, second only to heavy weight lifting. 
-          Unsupported sitting is damaging your back each time you sit, at work, at home, in cars. QiPillow corrects that by providing dynamic support to your back.

Why is dynamic support important to your readers?
-          Because it responds to what our body does naturally. As soon as we sit still for twenty minutes, the deep stabilizing muscles in our back will begin to tense up, which can often lead to stiffness, pain and fatigue in the back.
-          To prevent these issues, you must keep you back in motion even though you are sitting

Why is it important for your pillow not to collapse under your bodyweight?
-          Even though you are unaware of it, your lower back will start to slouch, as soon as a pillow collapses. That leads to extra pressure on the lumbar spine, which then ultimately, leads to back pain. The QiPillow does not allow that to happen because it supports your body weight the entire time.

About QiPillow's inventor
-          Patrick Lee, a Human Spinal Biomechanics Researcher, and founder of an international company that manufactures  medical devices. Trained in Switzerland and Germany.  Lived and worked in 6 countries on 3 continents.
-          Patrick and his team have helped hundreds of thousands of back pain sufferers find relief
-          QiPillow is the result of 3 years of hard work by Patrick Lee and his team
-          Rave reviews by users who notice a difference immediately.

Size: 18" x 18"
Colour: camel or sage
Cover materials: Mirco-Suede
Engineered in Canada

(But according to the tags, it is MADE in China.)

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.