Sunday, November 17, 2013

You Can Potentially Save Lives! Online CPR Certification with Review

Disclosure: I received free online Infant CPR training and certification in exchange for my honest opinion about it. is an easy to use online resource for getting trained and certified in CPR for infants, children and adults. Having taught young children for over 10 years and being a former foster parent, I have been certified and re-certified in CPR countless times in my life. Having the ability to become certified at home was the best thing ever in my opinion.

On the homepage, you have the option of purchasing one of three courses - infant CPR (age 0-1), child CPR (age 1-8), or adult CPR (age 8+). Each course is $34.99, but they do regularly offer 10% off for 2 courses and 15% off the purchase of 3+ courses. 
After logging in, you have to accept the terms and conditions to proceed.

After accepting the terms and conditions, you can then select to begin from the courses you purchased. 

Here are the portions of the Infant CPR course. You simply follow steps 1-4 to complete the course.

Step 1
Step 1 also features choking information

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Pass your exam to become certified

Official printable certificate

Overall, this program was really easy to walk myself through. All of the videos worked appropriately and were even interesting to watch.The exam was very simple to go through and was easily related back to the training portion.

This would be a great CPR course to purchase for grandparents, babysitters, new parents, parents of special needs children, foster parents, teachers, nurses and just about everyone, really!

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