Sunday, December 15, 2013

Do You Worry About Flame Retardant Chemicals?

Well, that's a bit of a silly question, now isn't it? Of course, we are all worried about chemicals in all of the products we come in contact with on a daily basis. Have you ever really analyzed what items have flame retardants in them? I know that they were banned from being in children's pajamas a few years ago. But I never really stopped to think about what else they are in... Things that we are in frequent contact with.

I recently read an article on Dr. Mercola's website (One of my favorite resources!) about flame retardants. I was blown away by how many items have those chemicals in them! Why is it that if they have been banned in the USA from being in children's pajamas, that they have not been banned from everything? Or, at least minimally, from all children's products. This infuriates me. Even if you or I eliminate these items from our own home, we can still regularly come in contact with them at the home of friends and family, at the doctor's office, the mall, maybe even restaurants! It is ridiculous.

Mattresses and/or pillows are probably the largest concern. Obviously, the general thought process is to protect you from fire while you sleep. But did you know that wool is a natural flame retardant? I didn't until I read the Dr. Mercola article. There are manufacturers that make wool mattresses and wool pillows. They are more expensive than the mainstream variety, but your health matters a great deal!

I suggest that you read the Dr. Mercola article about the flame retardants and do some further research. Look around your home and consider replacing any items that you know have flame retardants in them.