Thursday, December 19, 2013

Learning About the United States of America with Little Passports

Disclosure: We received a free monthly subscription to Little Passports: USA Edition in exchange for our honest opinion about it.

We homeschool our children. We lean more relaxed, towards unschooling. At this time, one of his current interests include learning about the fifty states. He wants to learn the placement of the states, their capitols, some history about each state, which state each of the presidents are from, etc. Incorporating Little Passports into this unit study has made it fun for him.
This month's kit included the states of Nevada and Minnesota.

These two pictures show the main workbook that came in the kit. It is a flip book with Nevada on one side and Minnesota on the other.

This picture shows everything that came in this month's kit.

This picture shows a couple of the pages in the Nevada book.
This picture shows another set of pages for Nevada. 

Here is a pop out page for an activity to do for Nevada's desert.

Here is Nevada's and Minnesota's stickers for your field guide. The pushpins are for your map. (The field guide and the map are included in your Little Passports starter kit - Click that link to read my review on the Little Passports starter kit.).

This is the Minnesota activity to assemble a fish from pieces of fins, head, tail etc.

Each month comes with its own postcard.

This is the back of the postcards.
Overall, both Brandon and I liked this more than the starter kit. Don't get me wrong, we liked the starter kit. We just thought it was slightly beneath Brandon, who will be 12 in February. This kit seemed more age appropriate, yet it could easily be worked on by a younger child as well.
Brandon liked the How to Draw a Mustang activity in Nevada (he LOVES to draw!). He also liked that each state has a recipe to help you learn even more about the state. He really likes that it is a variety of activities to do, writing, reading, crafts, recipes, etc.
I like that it really holds his attention and helps him to learn. I love it when he tells me little tidbits about what he is learning about.  
 Want to know more about how the subscription kits work?
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