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Looking to be a Better Parent in 2014? Start By Reading Raise a Happy Child and be Happy too! (Review with Giveaway, Ends 01/13/14, US Only)

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I just want to say upfront that this book is a lifesaver and a God-send! How to Raise a Happy Child (and be happy, too!) by Heather Criswell, Kid Whisperer and Taryn Vogt, Cofounder of the Everyday Genius Institutes  is a book that I feel has helped put parenting techniques into perspective for us.
My childhood, at home with my mother, wasn't the best. To put it simply, it was full of anger, abuse, and a general feeling of not being wanted. To say the least, I didn't have the greatest role models in the parents that I primarily lived with (my mother and whomever was her husband at the time, as I had two stepfathers before she passed away). Some of this has carried over into my own parenting, meaning that I wish I could communicate with my children better than I was communicated with as a child. Primarily, I raise my voice much more often than I wish I did. While I am certainly leaps and bounds ahead of what my childhood looked like, I know that I have room for growth (don't we all?). I have been wanting to move towards a more peaceful aspect of parenting. Whenever I would make such comments to my husband, he always would associate such ways with "wiping your child's butt until they are 18". Basically, he felt that a lot of the comments that I made would mean that we would be enabling our kids to rule the roost.
Then, along came How to Raise a Happy Child (and be happy too!)
. Reading through the book, I realized that we already use some of these techniques (such as giving children acceptable choices). Michael still had some reservations about applying some of the techniques, but he was willing to try because we both know that something needed to change. Things were not working as is. There was too much anger and attitude going on in our home. Some might attribute it to puberty, stress, etc. but we didn't want to use excuses, we wanted a solution.

The first few chapters of the book discuss (and help you analyze) what makes you a successful parent. This is honestly a subject that I had never put much thought into before. I posted something about it on Facebook on my status and in a group or two about parenting. I was interested to see what others thought made them a successful parent in order to help me better consider it myself. Comments came in ranging from "A day when there is no bickering amongst the children, homework is completed, and there are no arguments about bedtime." to "My children being happy with whom they are." to "Giving my children more in life than I had.". Interesting answers, don't you agree?
The book takes you through many scenarios, involving the author's childhood memories of instances that spoke to her emotionally, examples involving her preschool and foster children, and showing alternative thinking. It really helps put things into perspective about allowing your children to have more freedom and control, without using timeouts, punishments or rewards. It gives you positive ways to openly communicate with your children and to help them learn to openly communicate with others, including you!

Throughout the book, there are some QR codes that take you to specific videos related to the portion of the book that you are reading from the book's WiseInside YouTube video channel. Michael found these helpful and insightful. He isn't much of a book reader. While he would read a short passage when I would encourage him to or listen as I read a medium sized portion aloud to him, these QR codes were what caught his attention the most. This was a very useful tool to include! 

Also within the passages, you will find various charts related to the topics of each chapter. There are MANY charts throughout the book that clearly show you typical responses and then the more positive response. These were also fantastic tools and something that I could quickly read aloud to Michael.
I look forward to implementing more techniques routinely, until they become habitual!, so that our family will become happier together!
"Crawl inside the mind of kid whisperer, Heather Criswell, and see how she discovered (over 25 years and 30,000 children) what works with every child, in every situation, every time. She, along with Everyday Genius Institute cofounder Taryn Voget, bring you extraordinary new thinking and approaches in working with children. And when you put these simple strategies into action in your own life, raising amazing children will suddenly feel so much easier and more fun than you ever imagined.

In this groundbreaking book (with included “how-to” videos), you will learn simply genius strategies to get the results you desire with your child – without using the word “no” or giving time-outs, punishments, or rewards. You will be a parenting success with bedtime, manners, homework, sharing, mealtime, back-talking, disrespect, fighting, grades, lying, and so much more.

You will have an opportunity to question your parenting assumptions and learn, step-by-step, refreshing new techniques to get the results you want. You will discover how to raise capable, self-reliant, truly happy kids in a stress-free environment.
This is no ordinary “how to” parenting book. It shines a light on an inspiring new approach for today’s parents."
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