Thursday, December 5, 2013

Trucks~N~Tiaras Children's Boutique (Review with Giveaway, Ends 12/19/13, Worldwide)

Disclosure: I received a free sunflower and chevron pillowcase dress and matching hairclip for my daughter and an embroidered Harry Potter shirt for my son in exchange for my honest opinion about them. 

Trucks~N~Tiaras Children's Boutique has so many fabulous items for the boys and girls in your life. I really like the diversity of what they offer! There's such a wide range of items. There are so few boutique type shops on Facebook or etsy that have been able and willing to make something not only for Daniella, but also for Brandon! Most stop around boys size 5, occasionally they go up to size 8. This is the first one I found that goes to size large!

The shirt is a pretty basic shirt (Gildan brand). I had asked for a maroon shirt (In Harry Potter, the Griffindor colors are maroon and gold), but they had difficulty finding one in Brandon's size (which is understandable. Maroon isn't a very common color). But, on the other hand, we all know how messy boys are. I don't know about your house, but white doesn't last long around here! :) There have already been two mishaps. We are currently sunning the shirt in the hopes that the stains will come out (lemon pepper sauce from dinner and washable paints from homeschool art). 

I really truly LOVE the embroidery job on the shirt though! It looks AMAZING! I had hoped that the letters would be larger and more prominent on the shirt, but Brandon likes it as is and that is what really matters! :) Trucks~N~Tiaras Children's Boutique used the Harry Potter Font and the letters look amazing! (For those of you who are not Harry Potter fans, Muggle Born means that you are a wizard that does not have wizard parents.) The stitches are well done and look like they will last forever! Brandon absolutely loves his shirt and is desperately hoping that the stains will come out. (Life lessons are being discussed here!)

For Daniella's item, Trucks~N~Tiaras Children's Boutique simply went off of the fact that Daniella loves flowers. Daniella used this beautiful sunflower and chevron pillowcase dress and matching hairclip for Thanksgiving. Doesn't it just look beautiful?! Can you see the gigantic bow in the last picture of how it ties closed? It is just the perfect accent! It really allows for a lot of growth, too, to ensure that this dress will last her a long time! I am just in love with the sunflower and chevron combination. It is just adorable. The color of the chevron compliments the sunflowers beautifully. I can tell by turning it inside out that it is very well made as well. 

The hairclip is very sturdy. The hairpiece is very securely applied to the clip. Daniella has handled it several times and it is just as sturdy as the day it arrived. And it is perfectly matching and complimentary to the dress. But yet, it could potentially match other items in the same color palette so it is nice that it is just the complimentary colors!

This is what Trucks~N~ Tiaras Children's Boutique had to say about these items: 
 We did our very best to meet what it was you were expressing interest in. We love turning peoples' visions into wearable realities. We do our very best to ensure customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.

And they mean it! They really tried hard to meet exactly what we wanted! :)

Here's a few more things that Trucks~N~Tiaras Children's Boutique wants you to know!

We will have a Friday freebie every other Friday starting 12-6 and in January, we will host a multiple vendor auction and start our spring holiday items.  If your readers 
 purchase an order over $20 they will receive free shipping with code blogger. 


The winner can apply the $10 Gift Certificate to any purchase or use it as payment of an item.  Some suggestions to use this for include: Our hair accessories are usually $10 and under, boy ties (when we have them.), custom bibs and burp cloths, new personalized key fobs and our Santa keys. PLEASE NOTE THAT SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED WITH THIS GIFT CERTIFICATE.

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