Thursday, January 23, 2014

Custom Cute Kid Clothing and Accessories - For Big Kids, Too!- From Whoopsie Daisy Bowtique (Review with Giveaway, Ends 02/05/14, US Only)

Disclosure: We received a free embroidered shirt in exchange for our honest opinion about it.
In conjunction with celebrating my second blogiversary, Whoopsie Daisy Bowtique has generously offered a giveaway for a $20 store credit!

Let me tell you about the fabulous embroidered Harry Potter shirt that Whoopsie Daisy Bowtique made for Brandon.Yes, Brandon! A size boys 14! First of all, I was amazed that they could customize a shirt that big! This shirt stunned me from the moment I first saw a picture of it sent to me before it was shipped out. I was very impressed and even more so when I saw the quality in person. It was truly more than I could have hoped for.
If you are a Harry Potter fan, then you have to know the meaning behind the phrase I selected to be put on the shirt - Mischief Managed. From the spell to close the Marauder's Map? 😊

What I love even more is how Whoopsie Daisy Bowtique incorporated the colors of Harry Potter's House - Gryffindor. That's why the words are gold and maroon.  

As you can easily see, Brandon LOVES his Harry Potter shirt. In fact, he loves it so much that for the first few weeks he owned it, he wore it at least three times a week. It would get washed and he would put it right back on again! Finally, I had to remind him that over-wearing it would cause it to wear down faster. So now he "just" wears it once or twice a week instead! 😊  

The detail done in the embroidery is just phenomenal!

I really like the dark grey long sleeve shirt. It is a high quality durable shirt perfect for my rough-on-clothes boy!

The embroidery is so detailed that you can even see the inside of Harry's robe and the Gryffindor patch on the robe!
Overall, I am extremely pleased with the quality of the product and the service of Whoopsie Daisy Bowtique.
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