Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hassle Free Frogglez Swim Goggles a Product of Made By My Dad, LLC Review

Disclosure: I received a free pair of goggles in exchange for my honest opinion about them.

I know that most of us are not thinking about swimming in January, but warm weather will be here before we know it and our kids will be begging to get in the water! How many of you remember the hassle last summer of getting your kids' goggles on and off? How often did the goggles rip out their hair (or at least tug it super hard)? How often did the goggles leak? How much trouble did you have adjusting the goggles? Did the swim goggles keep slipping down over your child's ears? Are your children allergic to the latex that is in a lot of other brands' goggles?

Let me introduce you to Frogglez. This is a blue child size small pair of Frogglez goggles.  

They came with their own carrying/storage bag!

Isn't the frog design on the strap adorable?

The tags included give instructions for how to put the Frogglez goggles on and some benefits to choosing them over standard goggles.  

The other side of the tags show the colors, designs, and sizes that Frogglez are available in, plus as a bonus, there's a QR code that allows you to scan it with your smartphone to learn even more about Frogglez.
The next two pictures show how the Frogglez worked for us the very first time we tried them out. Daniella was super excited when they arrived and wanted to try them out the moment I opened them!

These next two pictures show what happened...
The goggles were so tight on Daniella that after 15 minutes of running around the house playing with them on, she came to me and asked me to help her take them off because they were hurting.

The inside of the lenses were soaking wet from her sweat. Obviously, we were doing something wrong!   So I sent an email to Frogglez including the above pictures and asked for their help. I received a response less than five hours later - super fast! It turns out that when you first receive your Frogglez, it is important to stretch them out a bit. I also didn't have the back strap on correctly.
These pictures show how the Frogglez look after being stretched and adjusted on correctly!

Daniella is anxiously awaiting warmer weather so she can use her Frogglez and go for a swim!
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