Sunday, January 26, 2014

Help Save the Landfills with Eco Lunchboxes! (Review with Giveaway, Ends 02/07/14, US and Canada Only)

Disclosure: I received a free stainless steel lunch box kit and two fabric napkins in exchange for my honest opinion about them.

In conjunction with celebrating my second blogiversary, Eco Lunchboxes has generously offered a giveaway for a Tri Bento lunchbox!

Let me tell you about the lunchbox and napkins that Eco Lunchboxes sent me for this review. I absolutely love the ECOlunchbox® Three-in-One 3-Piece Set  (RV $ 26.00). It is very versatile. I
also received an ECOnapkins set of 2  (RV $9.00). They are so pretty!

Now I am not one of those fancy Bento moms, but you can still see that a great deal of food fits into this three piece set!

An entire sliced peach filled the bottom section. The top piece held sliced cheese and pepperoni. The snack portion held two pickle spears.

Here it is all stacked and snapped together.

The two side clamps are very easy to use and always held well.

Here's another lunch consisting of crackers in the bottom, red pepper slices and pickle spears in the top and a sliced pear in the snack part.  

It all fit nicely again.

This 3-piece set includes: upper food container, lower food container plus a small nesting snack container. The snack container, which is called the ECOlunchpod, can be packed nesting within the top compartment or separately.
• All together when boxed up, the bento measures 4 inches wide, 5 1/2 inches long and 2 3/4 inches high and fits about 4 cups of food. The bottom section is 1 inch deep (contains about 1 1/2 cups food) and fits a small whole sandwich on sliced bread. The top layer is a bit larger at 1 1/2 inches deep (contains about 1 3/4 cups of food) and works well for bulkier food, such as chips, sliced fruit, leftover pastas or salads.
• The ECOlunchpod snack container, which fits 2/3 cup of wet foods, is uniquely rectangular, making it ideal for packing apple slices, pretzel sticks, and carrot sticks. It's also ideal for assorted dry snacks and dips. Tortilla chips, celery sticks or something yummy for dipping can be packed upstairs with the ECOlunchpod nested adjacent. The dip, such as guacamole, peanut butter, hummus, or cream cheese, packs great in the ECOlunchpod.
• ECOlunchboxes are not leak proof. Damp foods work well in our containers, but because the lids don't have any plastic gaskets or other added synthetics to create a seal, very wet foods will leak.

Here's the two fabric napkins was sent. The patterns are beautiful. The fabric is strong and durable and did not fade, though washed multiple times.

Look how big they are!
It doesn't look like this particular set of napkins is currently available. The assorted colors and patterns vary as each color and pattern are hand-printed in limited runs.

Napkins measure 16 inches by 12 inches and are designed for use as placemats or napkins. Machine wash cold/tumble dry.
 We have been working towards a plastic free home for a few years now, especially in our kitchen. We mostly wish to avoid eating the chemicals that are present in plastic, vinyl, and others materials.

Why Choose Muck-Free Stainless Steel Bento Boxes and Cotton Lunchbags?

Eco Lunchboxes encourages you to join them on their social media pages to find out about any current specials they are running! They always have 5.99 flat-rate shipping on domestic (US) orders, and free shipping on orders over $50 in the US with the coupon code: freeship50.

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Enter to win from Eco Lunchboxes! You are entering to win the Tri Bento lunchbox (RV $25). It's a good way to go green at lunch time by packing a lunch in a reusable container (such as their ECOlunchbox Tri Bento). You save hundreds of pieces of trash from the landfill every week.


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