Thursday, January 2, 2014

Homeschool Unit - Fifty States Studies with Little Passports! Review

Disclosure: We received a monthly subscription to Little Passports in exchange for our honest opinion about it.
At the beginning of the school year, I sat down with Brandon and I asked him what he wanted to learn about this year. He adamantly said that he was interested in learning about the USA - each of the fifty states, their capitals, placement on the map, and random facts about each one. His interest was further piqued after he met his Grammy Jammy (my foster mom from when I was younger) this past Thanksgiving. When I was a kid, my foster mom spent lots of time playing games with us. Little did we know that we were learning a great deal from her. One of the games we played most frequently involved learning the states and capitals. When Brandon found this out, he wanted to play the game we did (and he now has several times). I mention this because he had tapered off about wanting to learn more about the fifty states after the first six weeks or so. But Thanksgiving renewed his interest and he has been gung ho since! (Thank you, Grammy Jammy!)
This month's mailing from Little Passports included the months of Pennsylvania and Arkansas. Each month, you receive activities for two additional states (Please see my previous reviews for the Little Passports USA starter pack and the Little Passports Minnesota and Nevada). Brandon couldn't wait to begin.



The materials included in this month's packet was similar to the one for Minnesota and Nevada. It included a two sided workbook (One side/half for each state. You start on one side of the workbook, get halfway through it, then flip it over to do the other state from the opposite side. The workbook contained such things as recipes (Pennsylvania's is for water ice and Arkansas's is for Cornmeal Griddle Cakes and Sandwich Spread for a pink tomato sandwich to celebrate the Pink Tomato Festival.), word searches, do electric inventions in honor of Benjamin Franklin, find out why the capital of Arkansas is called what it is.
Also included were two actual postcards, one for Pennsylvania and the other for Arkansas. They are blank on the back to encourage the child to use them.

There's also stickers for your field guide and map (those come in your starter pack).


Each state had a pop out activity, too. For Pennsylvania, there is a Liberty Bell to build.

For Arkansas, there is a fiddle to construct.
Here's what Brandon has to say about this month's packet -
I like that in Pennsylvania, it talked about Mr. Hershey. I REALLY like the Arkansas fiddle, but I am frustrated with the 3D Liberty Bell because I can't figure out how to get the bell onto the stand. I think it is pretty cool that Arkansas and Pennsylvania have the same state animal.
Here's what I think - I think that Little Passports has been a great resource for our homeschool. I love that Brandon can work independently and have fun while he is learning. I really enjoy the combination of activities that are included. They are hands on and cover different areas of learning.
Want to know more about how the subscription kits work?
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