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Nate Rocks the School, Volume 3 of the Nate Rocks Series by Karen Pokras Toz (Review with Giveaway, Ends 02/16/14, Worldwide)

Disclosure: We received a free copy of the book in exchange for our honest opinion about it.

In conjunction with my second Blogiversary celebration, Karen Pokras Toz is giving away an e-copy of Nate Rocks the School (Nate Volume 3). While this is the 3rd book in the series, it can be read as a stand alone book. (RV $2.99)

 Let me tell you about this book -

Nate Rocks Is At It Again . . .
According to Nathan Rockledge, fifth grade has plenty of perks. Oh sure, there’s more work and that know-it-all, Lisa Crane, is still around – but, there’s a lot to look forward to as well: a laser tag birthday party, baseball at recess, and even a cool Halloween dance. Of course, all of that means nothing without the biggest perk of all . . . the class trip to New York City in the spring. If Nathan’s class can raise enough money to go, that is.
Give Nathan paper and a pencil and watch as his imagination turns him into Nate Rocks, hero and fifth grade super star. With adventures abound, Nate saves the day time and again. But will Nate be able to save the fifth grade trip?
Join Nathan, his hilarious family, and his friends, as he rocks the school in another fun Nate Rocks adventure.
Brandon always gets excited when he gets a new book.

He especially gets excited when it's signed by the author!

Brandon absolutely love the Nate Rocks series! Nate Rocks the School, Volume 3, was no different!
Here's what Brandon has to say about Nate Rocks the School-
What I like about Nate Rocks the School is that Nathan has all these cool adventures in his imagination. He draws pictures when he's thinking about it without even thinking about it.
Nathan has a laser tag party, but his mom doesn't know that it involves a laser gun; she doesn't like weapons. Nathan told her that the guns were like laser flashlights.
 Nathan and his class want to go to New York City for a field trip. But, the thing is, they don't have enough money. So they had a fundraiser Halloween dance. Nathan's mom made some snacks for it. The problem is, she's a horrible cook! Her snacks didn't sell very well...
I didn't dislike any part of the book. As I was reading it, I was also laughing because when Nate is in his daydreams and he snaps out of it, he's just like, "What happened? Oh, yeah." Ha ha ha!
Stay tuned for Nate Rocks the City,  the final book in the series, due to be released in February 2014!  Nate Rocks the City is already on Goodreads, so add it to your Want to Read bookshelf! 
 All of the Nate Rocks books are also now available on audio!
Here's what I like about the book (Yes, I read it, too!) -

This is a great book for a child who has a wild imagination. I love how Nate uses his imagination to help him solve problems. I think this whole series is fantastic and can't wait to read the last Nate book!
Karen Pokras Toz writes middle grade and adult contemporary fiction. Her books have won several awards including two Readers’ Favorite Book Awards, First Place in the Children’s Chapter Books category and the Grand Prize overall in the 2012 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards, as well as winning first for two Global E-Book Awards for Pre-Teen Literature, and placing Finalist in the USA Best Book Awards. Her books for children include the Nate Rocks series, Millicent Marie Is Not My Name, and Pie and Other Brilliant Ideas. For adults, she recently published Chasing Invisible. A native of Connecticut, Karen now lives outside of Philadelphia  with her husband and three children. For more information, please visit

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