Thursday, January 16, 2014

Spanish Immersion with Little Pim (Review with Giveaway, US only, Ends 01/30/14)

Disclosure: We received a free gift set that includes 3 DVDs in the language of our choice and their Panda plush in exchange for our honest opinion about them. Any purchases made through links included in the post do provide me with a small gift for referring you.

In conjunction with celebrating my second blogiversary, Little Pim has generously offered a giveaway for gift set that includes 3 DVDs in the language of the winner's choice.

Let me tell you about what Little Pim sent us. We were able to select the language we wanted to review. Since Brandon had been learning Spanish at the charter school that he attended before we began homeschooling, we decided to do Spanish even though Little Pim is geared towards ages 0-6 and Brandon is 11. We live in an area that has a good size Hispanic population and after much discussion, Michael and I decided that we felt this was a good choice or our children.

We received a three DVD set.

The set of three DVDs includes -
 1. Eating and Drinking
 2. Wake Up Smiling
 3. Playtime
Eating and Drinking introduced the children to Spanish words for various foods, drinks like milk and water, words like "eat", "eating", etc. and utensils like fork, spoon, cup.

Wake Up Smiling introduced the children to Spanish words about sleeping, bedding like blanket and pillow, and bed.
Playtime introduced the children to words such as dancing, bike, ball, art related words such as colors and shapes and more.

Daniella loves the Little Pim plush and sleeps with her almost nightly.
This picture is from Playtime. As you can see, there is words on the screen. This way, the child can see what they are hearing as there is no English anywhere in the DVDs.

Spanish immersion means only hearing and seeing Spanish to help the child better learn the interpretation.

The DVDs do an excellent job of leading the child through understanding the Spanish words with lots of pictorial help.

Overall, I highly recommend Little Pim. The DVDs do a great job holding Daniella's attention. Brandon even sits through them well and does not view them as a baby movie like he does with most of Daniella's movies. Now, Daniella certainly isn't speaking Spanish fluently, but she is beginning to recognize words that are Spanish. The DVDs have also been great at helping Brandon retain the Spanish he has learned.

Each DVD is broken down into 5 minute episodes which really helps with short attention spans. Each DVD introduces 60 Spanish words. They do have optional subtitles available.
Little Pim: Fun With Languages series is winner of 25 consumer and educational awards including the 2012 National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, 2012 Dr Toy Best Children's Products, 2011 Tillywig Brain Child Award, Dr. Toy 2011 Best Vacation Products, 2011 National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, Dr. Toy 2010 Best Audio Visual Award, Parent-to-Parent Adding Wisdom Award, the Creative Child 2010 Media of the Year Award, iParenting, Parents' Choice, and the AEP Award.
Little Pim French, Spanish, and Chinese Discovery Sets are available in Toys R Us stores nationwide. 
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  1. My boys have picked up a few Spanish words by watching television shows, but their grandparents on their dad's side speak fluent Portuguese, so they know much more Portuguese than Spanish.

  2. This looks great. I think my 11 year old would still have fun with this too.

  3. What a great way to teach your kids Spanish! Must look into this!

  4. I really should have paid attention more in spanish class.. I think all kids should learn another language, and this looks like a great way.