Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Stylish Teething and Nursing Necklaces from Teething Bling (Review with Giveaway, Ends 02/08/14, Open Worldwide!)

Disclosure: I received a free necklace in exchange for my honest opinion about it.

In conjunction with celebrating my second blogiversary, Teething Bling has generously offered a giveaway for a Teething Bling jade and brown gift set – includes jade pendant and 2 coordinating bangles in jade and brown (RV $34)

Let me tell you about what Teething Bling sent me for this review. I received one of Teething Bling's beaded lines pendants. To be more specific, I got the chance to review Teething Bling's Zebra beaded necklace.

The necklace came packaged very nicely.

The back of the packaging gave information about Teething Bling.

The necklace has a very nice long black cord. I love how there are smaller beads along either side of the pendant so that it is more than just the pendant.

As you can read on Teething Bling's FAQ section on their website, their jewelry is intended for adults. However, we all have children who love to wear Mama's jewelry and IN MY OPINION, I feel it is perfectly fine for my daughter to wear my Teething Bling. Now with that being said, at age three, she only wears it when she is within arm's reach and never in bed or when running so that it can't get caught on anything and choke her.

Again, IN MY OPINION, I think that Teething Bling would be great for a sensory geared child or possibly an autistic child. Because they are made with materials that are safe to be mouthed, I believe this makes them ideal for older children. I would not personally allow my child who is under three years old wear one though and would restrict Daniella to arm's reach until she is probably at least five years old.

As you can see here, the cord is very long so this is why I am not personally too concerned with Daniella choking.
 I love to wear my Teething Bling just as much, if not more than Daniella does. She likes to steal it from me often, but that's because I wear it often! And it seems like every time I wear it,  get a ton of compliments on it! I do some child care from my home and the little one that I watch LOVES this necklace whenever I wear it.

Obviously, I don't take selfies very well...

 I highly recommend Teething Bling as a nursing necklace to wear while providing nourishment to your little one. Most nurslings love to fiddle with Mama's hair, glasses, her other nipple, etc while nursing. Teething Bling provides something pretty and fun to distract them with.
Teething Bling is also perfect for the Mama who has a teething baby or toddler. With the many styles Teething Bling provides, Mamas have something to match every outfit so that you always have something safe to give your little one to teethe on.

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