Thursday, January 16, 2014

Top Five Reasons Why We No Longer Vaccinate Our Children

Yes, you read that correctly. Why we no longer vaccinate. Yes, we used to vaccinate. No, we no longer continue to do so. Why, you ask? Let me count the ways....

But first, let me start off by giving you a little bit of background information...

I was a young single mom when I had Brandon. Okay, not terribly young, but at 22, I didn't stop to think that what my doctor was telling me wasn't partially coming from Big Pharma. I didn't think that I needed to research anything, I simply had to follow my doctor's advice. After all, it's how I was raised and I turned out okay, right? Well, Brandon was vaccinated on schedule until he was six months old. By the time we went to go get his nine month old vaccines, he had been brought to both the doctor and the emergency room multiple times since birth with head to toe hives and body swelling. His new pediatrician was concerned that the outbreaks (which began at birth and came fairly regularly, about every two to three months) may be related to the vaccines. She encouraged me to stop his vaccines for six months and wait and see what happened. So I did. Well, the outbreaks kept occurring (we didn't know it yet, but later found out that he was allergic to dairy, soy, citrus fruits, and fish.). He was reacting to the food I was eating (and therefore he was eating via breastmilk). He began receiving vaccines again around eighteen months old. But now, the doctor said (and I falsely believed) that he needed to "catch up" so he got "extra" vaccines at every well check. And I took him to every one. Well, in our state, (I did or know about vaccine exemption forms at the time) to enroll in Kindergarten, you have to submit a few forms to the school, one of which is a vaccine record. His pediatrician here (we moved to this state at the beginning of his pre-k year) informed me that he was still missing several vaccines needed and we would need to again give him extras. He received eight vaccines that day. And he reacted to one of them... and we have no idea which one because he received so many. (By the way, he never received all of the recommended vaccines despite that many being received in one day. He still is shy by 6-9 more, I believe.) It was at this time, being older, wiser and having now gotten married to Michael, we began to research vaccines together.

So, now let me tell you why we no longer vaccinate.

1. Our child had a moderate reaction and his pediatrician brushed it off as no big deal. It was never noted in his records. That didn't sit right with us and made us investigate more. In fact, this set this stage for us beginning to avoid doctors unless necessary.

2. In our research, we learned that siblings of a child who has had a reaction to a vaccine have a higher likelihood of an even worse reaction. This is the main reason why Daniella has never received a single vaccine. I really wish I could find the source where we read that, but I can't find it. But it makes sense that genetics play a role in it.

3. Have you ever examined a vaccine ingredient list? Probably not, as the vast majority of pediatricians do not routinely show them to their patients. It's unlikely that many doctors even read them themselves. Many vaccines contain components such as aborted fetal tissue, formaldehyde, MSG, aluminum, calf serum, mercury, latex rubber, pig and horse blood, and lots more. Are you grossed out yet? Good, I think you should be!

4. There have never been any long term studies done to evaluate the safety of or the efficacy of vaccines. Big red flag...

5. The rates of the diseases that vaccines have been created to cure were already on a downward trend before vaccines came into play. Vaccines didn't eradicate the diseases, sanitation did.

So, have I made you think twice about vaccines? (By the way, is another great resource.) Please tell me about your experiences with vaccines.


  1. I never had problems with vaccinations nor my daughter. Sorry your little guy has.

    I used to NOT take the flu vaccine but once I started, I've noticed a big difference positively. However, I do have medical conditions that warrants it.

    1. I am glad to hear that you nor your daughter had any trouble.