Monday, February 17, 2014

Hands On Earth Science Exploration With Lakeshore Learning Review

Disclosure: We received a free Earth Science Exploration Center in exchange for our honest opinion about it.

Daniella has been doing upper Pre-K and some Kindergarten work so far this year for homeschooling. I was wanting some hands on materials to teach her about science so we were ecstatic when Lakeshore Learning contacted us to do a review.


It's a great size kit full of hands on learning materials geared towards ages 4-8, grades pre-k through third grade.
"Bring earth science to life—right in your classroom! Our center includes all the hands-on materials children need to explore Earth’s most fascinating phenomena—as they make snow, create thunder, cause a volcanic eruption and make a tornado. Plus, we’ve included 4 photographic cards that explain the science behind each event—and include a variety of hands-on activities to extend the learning! The thunder tube measures 8 1⁄2" long.

Develops skills in conducting simple investigations, making predictions and exploring attributes."

Here is Daniella playing with the thunder tube.

Here's everything that comes inside! So much to explore...

Daniela especially liked the nose of the thunder.

Everything is bright and colorful to grab the attention of your young learner.

This is the back of the photographic cards.

This is the front of the photographic cards.

We did the volcanic eruption experiment. Daniella was super excited to see how it worked!!!!

We did have some trouble getting it to erupt. The instructions don't indicate that you need to add vinegar to make the eruption happen. Using the materials that came with it as indicated in the instruction booklet and adding a small amount of vinegar only allowed for a small eruption. It is included in the "additional fun" section of the booklet. But as is, the booklet makes it seem as though an eruption will just occur with the materials included. If that's the case, it didn't work for us. 

Our eruption!

Our eruption!

The instructions recommended putting the volcano in a container in case of spillage, so this is how we set it up.
Daniella has enjoyed swirling the tornado tube around and around as well to watch it. She has made observations about its shape.
We have not yet used the instant snow that came in the kit. This is because in the last three weeks, Atlanta has seen the most snow it has seen in YEARS! Daniella got to play with  the real stuff for the first time in her life. We will pull out the instant snow in a couple of weeks to review the properties of snow (and just to have fun!) plus build more memories! ("Do you want to build a snowman?" has been a recent favorite song!)
The Earth Science Exploration Center retails for $49.99.
And here’s a link to a 20% off coupon to Lakeshore Learning for you to save! (expires 3/31/14)
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