Monday, February 10, 2014

Healing My Gut From Gluten and Rosacea

Okay, so I have been completely gluten free for a little over a week now. What's going on right now?

1. My tummy still hurts. I guess it is adjusting to not fighting off the gluten? Or fighting off what gluten is still in my system?  I have had some strong abdominal pains stick around for hours at a time.

2. I am self diagnosing myself with rosacea, which I have never experienced prior to a couple of days ago. But I am being told that this is common when detoxing the gut. The body eliminates toxins through the skin. I was told I should increase fermented foods to help my gut heal. My cheekbones and between my eyebrows has a stinging sensation and is flushed a light pink in color. I sometimes feel it a little along my jawline. Thankfully, it isn't too prominent and hopefully it will go away quickly. 


3. My heartburn is gone!!!! I have suffered from terrible heartburn for the last several months. Nausea, too, but that hasn't been eliminated fully yet.

I am glad to see some progress is occurring even if I am uncomfortable right now. I would much rather have short term discomfort than long term health problems. In the end, I know my tummy will feel better -
Have you eliminated gluten before? Do you know of any other symptoms I should watch for?