Thursday, February 20, 2014

Make Your Room More Colorful With Katazoom (Review with Giveaway, Ends 03/08/14, US Only)

Disclosure: We received a free fairy vinyl wall decal in exchange for our honest opinion about it.

Daniella has a butterfly/fairy garden theme in her room.
She has a beautiful fairy picture hanging over her bed.

She has potted flowers and a butterfly and ladybug wooden jewelry box.

There are various butterfly vinyls hanging around her room.

She even as ladybug wooden hangers.
 But there was one wall that seemed to be missing something....
I was so excited when I found a huge vinyl decal of a fairy on Not only was it the perfect size for this space on her wall, but there were many vinyl colors to choose from. I had a hard time selecting which vinyl color would go best against her wall color. Michael said to get the violet (Violet 040). He made a great choice!!

Doesn't the vinyl color really pop off of the wall? I think it looks great. And the size was just right. (This is the 21.5" x 34" size, the largest this particular vinyl comes in.) The vinyl wall art came with a set of detailed instructions.

Katazoom's website was very easy to navigate. I was easily able to shop by room, know what size and color each vinyl came in, and there's even a section where you can do custom orders! Plus, my order arrived very quickly.

While the end result does look pretty nice from afar...the process of getting there was not very easy for me...

Here it is hanging up ready to begin rubbing it down to help it stick to the wall.

Closer shot of it ready to rub down.

The rub down took a lot longer than I thought it would.

I kept having to rub down more and more at each section before peeling at that area even after doing a major rub down all over the vinyl initially before starting to peel.

Then I started hitting snags where it began to bunch up and peel.
After lots of extra rubbing, the paper covering the vinyl began tearing.


The paper tore in two places.

Other areas ended up bubbling and forming a small crease when I attempted to smooth the bubbles.

If you look closely in the crook of the elbow, you can even see a small tear in the vinyl.

Overall, it took me about an hour of careful application. Overall, I am mostly pleased with how it looks, especially from a few feet away. But *I* know the creases and bubbles are there so every time I go in her room, I feel the urge to try to smooth them out. Some of them do look a little better as time as passed.

I love the large size and the color in perfect for her room.

As you an see, it certainly looks adorable!

It complements the rest of the d├ęcor in her room nicely.
I can't say that I dislike it because that's simply not true. Perhaps a smaller size would have been easier to hang, though it wouldn't have filled the wall space as nicely. I do hope that you have an easier time than I did with the application process. 
Daniella loves that her fairy "helps" turn her lights on and off with her wand. Her imagination and her love of the fairy count a great deal to me! 

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