Thursday, March 6, 2014

Adorable, Custom Made Clothing and Accessories by littlesweetoes (Review with Giveaway, Ends 03/20/14, Worldwide)

Disclosure: We received a free custom made dress in exchange for our honest opinion about it.
I was so excited when I found littlesweetoes. I saw that she made some adorable chevron dresses so I contacted her about a very special custom dress that I had in mind. Daniella loves trains. It is almost impossible to find anything train related that is geared towards girls. Here's where littlesweetoes helped!

littlesweetoes not only incorporated trains into a dress for Daniella, she added in chevron fabric AND made it all blue which is Daniella's favorite color. When I asked her if she could do this, she simply asked me to find some train themed fabric that I liked. 

I love how it turned out. You can tell that it is well sewn and made with good fabric. I love the modest length with the added ruffles.

Most of all, I love that Daniella loves her dress. She was so excited to receive such a pretty dress with trains on it! She calls it her Blue Train dress.

littlesweetoes was incredible at communicating with me along the way. She even sent pictures so I could see her progress.

I love this picture of Daniella. It really shows her personality. She was goofing around because she was done with Mama taking her picture! :)


This is what the back of the dress looks like.

This is what the ruffles around the bottom look like.
The only minor...very minor...issue that I have with the dress is that on the back of the train bodice, the fabric is upside down. I am sure it was just easier to cut the entire bodice out of one bigger piece of the train fabric.
Overall, we are thrilled with the dress and very happy that we found littlesweetoes.
Connect with littlesweetoes-
littlesweetoes would like you to know that in March and April, she is doing something that is called "Deal of the Day" were  you can find necklaces from $10.00, Headbands on sale from $7.95 to $5 or so. She also likes to do giveaways each month on her Facebook Page, either for necklaces or headbands.
littlesweetoes is also offering a discount code for 10% off from your purchase. Use promo code GROWINGNH.
"Littlesweetoes started just in a way for me to relax and to find joy :) Now i share my joy with my 4 little girls who, they love to create headbands, necklaces, etc, They are always there with a big smile and tell me: Ohh mom that is beautiful !! Now they think I am super Mom and i can do whatever they want.. lol:) They get very happy when one of there creations get sold.. So i guess they really enjoy Littlesweetoes just as me :).".
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