Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Day 13 of 40 Days of Random Acts of Kindness in Honor of Lent 2014

Today's Random Act of Kindness for my Giving Back Instead of Giving Up project was something very simple with just the intent of bringing a smile to someone's face.

As a blogger, I receive a LOT of mail, including packages, that arrive several times a week. I also do a large percentage of our shopping online. We shop year round for birthdays, Christmas, Easter, etc. It is not unusual for our mail carrier to walk our mail to our door because either a package was too big to fit or they couldn't fit everything inside the box. Both of our regular mail carriers are very sweet. When the weather is nice, Daniella loves to listen for the mail truck and run outside to meet it. We often have brief conversations with our mail carriers.

Therefore, I decided to show them just how sweet they are by giving him a sweet treat!

We stood by the window and waited to see his reaction!

I missed seeing his reaction from my angle, but Brandon saw him open the mailbox, get a short lived perplexed look on his face, reach into the box, and then he had a big smile on his face! Which was exactly what I had hoped for.