Monday, March 10, 2014

Day 5 of 40 Days of Random Acts of Kindness in Honor of Lent 2014

I had a plan for what I was going to do for my RAOK today for my Giving Back Instead of Giving Up project, but Life happened, things came up and it didn't happen as planned! But that's okay. Life can't always go as planned, right? It would be pretty boring if it did. Today's plans will work out for another day this week without a problem. Today's Random Act of Kindness was to post a couple of items for free to my local Freecycle group. If you haven't joined one yet, you should. It truly helps keep stuff out of landfills!

We had a couple of items sitting around taking up unneeded space because they weren't being used. So I offered them to fellow Freecycle members. Here's hoping someone can use them!