Monday, March 10, 2014

Give Your Floors Some Style with Rugs USA! Review

Disclosure: We received a free floor rug in exchange for our honest opinion about it.

We recently redesigned Brandon's bedroom. His furniture got sanded done and painted, furniture got rearranged, he got new wall art, and a new floor rug - the Tuscan Chevron Flatwoven Navy Rug.
Since he has a loft bed, we wanted to make use of the space underneath by utilizing it as a book nook or reading area. We started by hanging a small bookshelf on the wall, added this gorgeous wool navy blue chevron floor rug (this one is the 5' x 8' size), then added a big floor bin for him to toss his various magazine subscriptions into.

As you can see, this size floor rug is perfect to fit under his loft bed (which is a standard twin size). It's long enough to have some extra length on both sides of the bed, but not so long that it blocks the doorway (which is to the right side of this view of his bed.).

We specifically wanted a floor rug made of a natural fiber. This rug is 100% wool, is flatwoven, and made in India. Our family allergies include latex. When I notified our representative from Rugs USA about the allergen, she quickly explained to me that when they are hand tufted, there is a latex layer between the wool and the canvas backing. This particular floor rug does not have that layer.
The floor rug came with a specific set of cleaning instructions - Clean & Care: Vacuum regularly as new wool rugs can shed yarn fibers for up to three months. Avoid direct and continuous exposure to sunlight. Do not pull loose ends, clip them with scissors to remove. Clean liquid spills immediately by blotting with cloth or sponge. For hard to remove stains, professional rug cleaning is recommended. 
We have vacuumed the rug several times, but have yet to notice any shedding so I take that as a good thing! We have used the rug for about two and a half months now without any issues. Brandon finds it very comfortable to sit on or to lay on while reading. He has even slept on it a few times in a sleeping bag!
These are unique in that they do not have a backing and lay very flat to the ground.  I can imagine that these are very popular items right now because they are modern and the chevron style is in trend and not to mention, these area rugs are low maintenance!  Rugs USA does recommend using these rugs with a rug pad if they are being placed on hard wood floors.
As you can see in the pictures, the furniture is a chocolate brown color and the walls are a greyish-blue. This navy blue chevron area rug really gives a nice burst of color on his floor. This particular area rug comes in NINE different color choices -
Something for any room in your home! There is all kinds of patterns and styles. Their website is super easy to navigate and your can use their search parameters to narrow down by color, pattern, price, room, etc.
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