Thursday, April 3, 2014

Day 26 of 40 Days of Random Acts of Kindness in Honor of Lent 2014

Today my Giving Back Instead of Giving Up project was very special for Daniella. As a homeschooling family, we make ample use of our local library, visiting almost weekly. Our library system has fantastic children's section that include a few quiet toys to keep little ones entertained. The library that we visit most frequently has just a small dollhouse and a single wooden puzzle. Sometimes Daniella would have to wait ten to fifteen minutes to have a chance to play if there were other little ones visiting that day.

Not anymore! We went through our puzzles and selected several that Daniella doesn't play with very much anymore.

We bagged them up and brought them over to the library to share with the other children.

The librarians were super excited and very grateful for the donation. Daniella was so proud to share with the other children! She truly melted my heart tonight.