Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lovable Labels' 3 Day You Only Label Once Sale! #YOLO

Disclosure: I will receive a free set of labels in exchange for sharing this awesome sale with you!
If you have been thinking about buying some Lovable Labels, but have been putting it off for whatever reason...now's the time to STOP procrastinating and go buy some!

Lovable Labels has many types of packs to choose from. They have multipurpose labels for any need, clothing labels to ensure your kids' stuff comes home, household labels to keep you organized, bag tags for backpacks and suitcases, safety products such as medical ID bracelets, stationary and more!
Do you have a child who always forgets where they left their jacket? Finding their jacket again is as easy as "Press n' Stick"!

Need to organize the pantry?

Are you crafty? How about getting the craft room organized?

Are you a teacher or homeschooling family? Does your classroom need to be organized?
Lovable Labels even sells value packs of labels to help you bulk up on labels at a lower cost. 
You Only Label Once! Save $10 on your online purchase! #YOLO
Use coupon code YOLO2014