Thursday, April 10, 2014

Top Three Reasons Why Our Family Chose NOT to Circumcise Our Children

Definition of circumcision (n)
Bing Dictionary
  • cir·cum·ci·sion
  • [ sùrkəm síz͟h'n ]
  1. removal of male's foreskin: the removal of all or part of the foreskin from the penis
  2. removal of clitoris or prepuce: the cutting away of the skin prepuce covering the clitoris, or the removal of the clitoris
  3. religious ceremony with circumcision: especially in Judaism or Islam, a religious ceremony during which a circumcision is performed on boy.
Female circumcision is illegal in the United States of America, but even if it wasn't we would not have circumcised our daughter any more than I chose to not circumcise my son. When I was in college, my Biology professor had us read an article about what circumcision physically takes away from the penis (FYI, it's not just an extra flap of skin.). Because of that professor, I chose to leave my son's penis intact. I am very grateful to him. As a young mom, who at the time thoroughly trusted my medical doctors, had circumcision been suggested to me, I probably would have done it. Thankfully , his father didn't care either way even though he is circumcised.
This picture shows the various methods used to circumcise: 
This picture shows how much skin is removed:
This picture shows how the baby is strapped down in order to perform a circumcision on him:
This picture says a lot, but I think that what it doesn't say is most important and the number one reason why we did not circumcise our children- It's their body and should therefore be their decision. The rest of our reasons are geared more towards male circumcision.
The pictures shows reason number two - Circumcision removes much more than just skin.
Reason number three is that circumcision does damage to the glans (the head of the penis). The job of the foreskin is to protect the glans. If it is continuously exposed to air, diapers, underwear, etc. it becomes calloused, rough, and potentially sore over time. This rough skin could also cause discomfort to his future sexual partner(s).
Read here for more information on the functions of the foreskin.
Read here for more information on how to care for the intact penis.
Not that any of us want to think about our infant son having sex, but having sex using an intact penis is much more comfortable for both partners. I can attest to this as my husband is intact.
I can just hear someone saying ....but you are Catholic, the Bible instructs you to circumcise. Well, first of all, Biblical circumcision is not the same as modern circumcision. Also, while the Old Testament discusses circumcision a great deal, the New Testament makes it clear that if you have Christ, circumcision is not necessary
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