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Learning is Fun with Educational DVDs from Organa Kids (Review with Giveaway, Ends 07/13/14, US Only)

Disclosure: We received two free DVDs in exchange for our honest opinion about them.

Organa is introducing American families to cultures from around the world through stories and characters with universal themes. As mothers of small children, we evaluate hundreds of titles and hand-pick our catalog with an emphasis on stories, art and science. It is important that kids entertainment is high quality and age appropriate without speaking down to them. Entertainment and technology should inspire kids to have an awareness of the world as a whole.
Organa encourages a balance between technology use and real-world experiences. Our first app for the iphone, “Scavenger Traveler” is a scavenger hunt that encourages kids to explore the world around them and bring home mementos of their travels.
Our founders have ties to The Criterion Collection and The Voyager Company known for quality entertainment and ground-breaking multi-media. 
Your preschooler gobbled up the first volume of Professor Iris teaching science so quickly that we had to get you more!
Professor Iris has a knack for explaining things so that young children will understand and each episode includes a song to reinforce the theme. Each episode begins with Professor Iris arriving in his classroom greeted by his students. The theme of the episode can usually be found in his oversized bowtie.
Designed for preschoolers and created by award-winning cartoonist and animator Henri Desclez, who brought in puppeteers from the show Fraggle Rock. The set and the puppetry are great quality.
Episodes on this volume:
  • Seasons
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Hot & Cold, Nature
  • The Earth and the Sky
  • Minerals
I really like that this DVD focuses on several different science topics for kids. It's 87 minutes long so each segment is about 15-20 minutes which is just long enough to hold little ones' attention.
The episodes are really cute, yet informative. Daniella (3) especially likes the Fruits and Vegetables one! Brandon (12) didn't love it but he watched it. I like being able to put on something educational when my kids insist on screen time. 
Want to go to the zoo and hang around with the bendiest monkey in town? Better teach your scooter how to fly, then! Come stomp with the elephants, nibble leaves with the giraffes & tuck yourself up in a tortoise shell. Every animal is special in its own way - just like you!
Make play an adventure for the body in this of yoga instruction for kids. Join Scooter and the Boy for an action adventure that improves Flexibility. Enjoy 30 minutes of interactive fitness fun that kids will want to do again and again. Help your children discover flexibility through yoga. Stories are thoughtfully written to teach social—emotional lessons. Accompanying guide supports you in building on the skills and lessons in the stories. Playing and exercising with your children will lay a foundation of fitness that will last throughout their lives


  • Cost-effective movement enrichment – a specialist for the price of a DVD
  • Kids get the exercise/creative play time they need everyday – even indoors
  • Requires no additional supervision or equipment
  • Progressive – the more kids participate, the more they master and benefit
  • Develops self-awareness, gross motor skills, attention and self-regulation
  • Nurtures kinesthetic intelligence – 80% of kids are kinesthetic learners
buy The Birthday Gift: Strength: Children's Fitness DVD

DVD is 25-30 minutes and includes:

  • Warm-up
  • Story + Creative movement + Yoga + Brain Gym®
  • Relaxation
  • Adventure Skill (self-regulation) review
  • Teacher Guide
All DVD exercise sessions are comprehensive and balanced. Movement is informed by creative movement, yoga, Brain Gym(R), and educational research to optimize physical and cognitive development. Stories are thoughtfully written to teach social – emotional lessons. Online P/T guide supports you in building on the skills and lessons in the stories.
This DVD is 30 minutes long and is very yoga-like. It highly encourages movement with little ones. Brandon does like this one a bit more and did get moving some with it, but not as much as Daniella! She absolutely loves this DVD! Now that we are in the heat of summer down here in Hotlanta, Georgia, I love being able to put on a DVD that encourages my children to get up and move when it's too hot to enjoy being outside running, playing, biking, etc.
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Organa Kids is running a special now that with a purchase of $50, shipping is free. Several products are reduced in price, including especially all CD-ROMs, which are only $5 each! There is no code needed to receive this discount.
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