Friday, June 20, 2014

Made in the USA, Reusable Cotton Sandwich and Snack Sacks from SnackTAXI (Review with Giveaway, Ends 07/04/14, U.S. and Canada Only)⁰

Disclosure: We received a free snack-sack in exchange for our honest opinion about it.
SnackTAXI is a small business that manufactures reusable snack-sacks, sandwich-sacks, twice-as-nice napkins, bulk/produce bags, bread-sacks and any-day aprons.
What TAXIgoods is all about: crafting goods of the highest quality, that, in the design and in the making, respect our community, environment, and Earth. In 2003, I had HAD IT with plastic baggies. I made a few reusable bags to pack my kids (and their snacks) off to day camp. The counselors asked if I could make some for them, and really, the rest is history! We sell those same sacks today, and because I really like making things (all kinds of things!), we’ve recently added a number of other items to our collection. And because there are some things I just can’t seem to make as well as someone else does, we’re also offering a thoughtfully curated selection of our favorite things. I hope you'll enjoy using our goods as much as we enjoy making & finding them! Erin Kelly-Dill, Owner
This is the reusable snack-sack that I received to review.
The snack-sack neatly fits rice cakes, pretzels or corn chips, and is equally good for carrot or celery sticks! Dimensions: 6" W x 4.5" H. Each reusable bag keeps as many as 1000 plastic bags out of the waste stream!
The fabric has a very cute hopscotch pattern with bright yellow Velcro tabs.
The inner side of the fabric is a wipe able/washable brilliant green.
As you can clearly see here, this snack-sack has been very well made.
All stitching has been well done and this snack-sack is strong and durable. I love that I can use it over and over again!
This snack-sack is so big it even (slightly tightly) fit a small, but full size sandwich.
Here is the SnackTAXI snack-sack compared to another brands I own. Both are snack size versions of their respective brands. While the SnackTAXI snack-sack is a decent size, and I am not disappointed in it's size, I wanted to show you how other brands compare.  
Daniella and Brandon were my recent picnic dinner dates! See Daniella using the SnackTAXI snack-sack?
Even though her sandwich fit snugly, she was still able to easily remove it from the snack-sack on her own. I liked that the snack-sack doubled as a plate!

Overall, I definitely recommend this company for reusable products!

SnackTAXI wants you to know that they will run a retail promotion around the 4th of July so keep an eye on their website and that by entering code taxigoods15 you can receive a 15% discount from all regularly priced items!

SnackTAXI would love for you to check out their line of TAXIgoods made from linen – relatively new but very popular are the linen pinafore aprons!  ALL snackTAXI & TAXIgoods products are manufactured in their rural Massachusetts workshop!

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SnackTAXI is generously offering a giveaway for a snack-sack made with conventional cotton!
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