Sunday, July 13, 2014

Homeschooling and/or Unschooling With Pinterest Series, Post Nine

How many of you love Pinterest? I know that I do! I am frequently on Pinterest looking for ideas to use with my children for their learning. We are definitely leaning more heavily towards relaxed homeschooling/unschooling our kids. I currently have over 200 boards on Pinterest, easily divided up into categories so that I can find exactly what I am looking for that goes along best with my children's current interest!

 You can find all of  my Pinterest boards at BeckyatGUNT. Please follow me as I am constantly adding new pins and you don't want to miss out.

This post will be the ninth in a series that will highlight the various boards that I have available. The first post focused more on my three year old daughter who is currently doing upper preschool/lower pre-k work. Please see the first post in this series which focused on teaching your child about rhyming and learning to write their name, the second post which featured all things related to Autumn, including worksheets, snacks, activities and more, the third post that is all about Thanksgiving both the historical portions and yummy food ideas, the fourth post featured Holidays Around the World, the fifth post focused on Winter activities, snacks, and worksheets, the sixth post was about People We Love and U.S. Presidents, the seventh post was about Transportation and St. Patrick's Day and the eighth was about Spring and Easter.

I know, I's been a few months since I last posted for part of this series. With our next school year beginning in just a few short weeks, I thought that I would start it up again!

We will be starting our school year off with a month of exploring oceans! This Pinterest board has approximately 150 pins currently.

On this Pinterest board, you will find:

Under the Sea Slideshow

Kindergarten Ocean Activities

Drop the Shark in the Tank Game

How do scientists learn about the ocean? - YouTube Video

Whale Craft Ocean Project

Amphibians and Fish Activities from Learning Ideas - Grades K-8

Why Octopus Change Color

"Fishing for Sight Words" and tons of other ocean themes literacy and math centers!

Ocean Animals Math Game

How Do Fish Breathe Underwater? YouTube Video

Saltwater vs. Freshwater Experiment

7 Engaging and Captivating Books about Ocean Exploration and Learning

Fish in the Sea Counting Game

Tides of the Ocean

Model of the Ocean floor for Earth Science

Magic School Bus: On the Ocean Floor Vocabulary Grid

Fish Out of Water Game

Jellyfish Craft Ocean Project

Shark Alphabet Game

Marine Science Sea Lab - Goes with The Magic School Bus On The Ocean Floor

Under The Sea Sing-along YouTube Video

Eric Carle inspired Beach/Summer thematic unit

Goldfish Cracker  Counting Game

Disney's The Little Mermaid Crafts, Activities, Coloring Pages, and Fun Foods!

Life in the Deep Dark Seas Documentary on life in the Ocean Depths YouTube Video

And so much more. Many of these are adaptable for various age groups. Check it out!

Well, I hope that this board comes in handy to help you with your homeschooling or unschooling lessons. Please feel free to follow this board, any others or all of my boards on Pinterest!

What current interests do your children have? Do you think that Pinterest could help you teach them about it? 

I would love to hear your thoughts about this post and any ideas for future posts in this series!