Monday, July 7, 2014

How Do You Eat When You Are Gluten Free?

Disclosure: While there are some name brands listed in this post, this post was not sponsored by any of them. These name brands are listed merely to familiarize you with brands that are gluten free.
I have been gluten free due to intolerance (possibly allergy) for over six months now. During this time, I have had to learn as I go what I can safely eat. So what does a typical day's menu look like for me?
There are lots of foods that are naturally gluten free which is incredible because there's no need to read labels for EVERYTHING!
I promise you that I don't sit around eating only salad all day! Yes, vegetables are naturally gluten free. I especially enjoy eating my vegetables with hummus.
I eat whole fruits, fruit smoothies, fruit salad, fruit added to my vegetable salad, dried fruits and more.

Meats are naturally gluten free, BUT show some care here. Processed or spiced meats might not be gluten free any longer. Read the labels. Be mindful of the spices in your spice cabinet as some are not gluten free. If there is an ambiguous "spices" listed as an ingredient, there is potentially gluten in that good item. The same goes for if the food item contains MSG. Some lunch meats are labeled gluten free, such as Boars Head.
I love cheese. Especially extra sharp Vermont white cheddar. Yum. Just about everything tastes better with cheese of some kind. Again, cheese is naturally gluten free but sometimes through processing, gluten is added. Again, check your labels.
There are brands of food that are made especially for those of us who have to avoid eating gluten. Udi's makes gluten free breads (which I don't particularly care for personally), frozen pizza (which are okay, but not great in my opinion), muffins (which I love!), cinnamon rolls (to die for!), cookies (yum), and possibly more that my stores don't carry. If you know of other products that Udi's makes, please share in the comments section below.
Chex makes several varieties of gluten free cereal. The flavors include rice, corn, chocolate, and honey nut (these are the gluten free flavors that I am aware of. If you know of others, please share them in the comments section below.)
What does a typical day's menu look like for me?
Udi's muffin or cinnamon roll
Chex cereal
Cheddar cheese chunks
Kind bar or Larabar (I have even made some homemade versions)
Fruit smoothie
Dried fruit
Lunches and Dinners -
Frozen pizza
Meat of some kind
Vegetables or Fruit (sometimes both), plus I make rice about three times a week flavored with homemade broth.


Fresh fruit or vegetables with a protein (such as apple with nut butter or vegetables with hummus)

Vegetable chips

Chex cereal

Frozen fruit popsicle

Cheddar cheese chunks

Gluten free crackers or pretzels

Are you gluten free? What are some of your favorite gluten free foods?