How to Submit For Guest Posts

Hi! I appreciate you considering Growing Up Naturally Together (Formerly Growing Up Naturally In Home Child Care) for a place to guest post. This blog began in January 2012 and has already had the wonderful opportunity of working with many small businesses and a few larger businesses as well! I have decided to include more regular guest posting to stimulate my readers and broaden the content posts.

Please note that there is a fee for guest posting on Growing Up Naturally Together. This fee needs to be paid 30 days in advance of posting. I will consider an article that you write as long as its content is relevant to my blog. I would require your fee be paid via PayPal sent as a gift and that all links be no follow. I would need to preapprove the article and reserve the right to not post it and return your money. I would need to receive the article and the fee a minimum of 30 days before publishing. If you require a shorter time before it gets posted, we can negotiate a higher fee to prioritize your post. All fees are subject to change at my discretion.

It is very important that in your initial correspondence, you include the topic that you wish to post about. If you do not do this, I will simply respond to your email with a link to this page. If you do not then include your topic post in your response, I will not respond further so please make sure that the topic you wish to post about is made clear from the beginning. It should not be left up to me to determine your topic theme. You should know what you wish to post about when you contact me. All guest posts must include original content. I do not wish to republish information that can be found elsewhere. Please make sure that your images are also original.

Posts are better viewed when they contain at least three pictures (logos, infographics, etc.). I can even embed a video. I will gladly include an author's bio, a no follow link to your website or blog, and the content you have written as long as all criteria listed has been met. Please email me at to discuss your post.