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Hi! I appreciate you considering Growing Up Naturally Together for your advertising needs. This blog began in January 2012 (Formerly Growing Up Naturally In Home Child Care) and has already had the wonderful opportunity of working with many small businesses and a few larger businesses as well!

Companies I have previously worked with include:
Teething Bling
Tropical Traditions
Heirloom Wooden Toys
Lovable Labels
Kimbo Educational
Lunette Menstrual Cup
Wood Snap
Alphabet Photography
Climb On! Products
Trilight Health
Motherlove Herbal Company
Little Passports
Educational Insights
Jack Templar series by Jeff Gunhus
Ruby's Red Wash


I am an eco-friendly, organic and natural living blogger who prefers companies who have unique, personalized, family friendly products (especially ones who keep those nasty chemicals OUT!). I especially enjoy working with small businesses and really love to work with local businesses! I am thirty-something and enjoy electronic gadgets, photography, going to the movies, reading, trying new apps and spending quality time with my family. If you are looking to have clothing reviewed, please note that I wear plus sized clothes.

Meet my family-

Michael is also thirty-something and loves to cook, enjoys having a vast knowledge of cars, and has been a huge Atlanta Braves fan his whole life despite having been born and raised in New Jersey until we moved to the Atlanta metro area in 2006. Please note that Michael wears Big Men sized clothes.

Brandon is not available for review purposes.

Daniella is 3 years old, breastfed until 3 years, 8 months old and was cloth diapered. (I miss using my clothies!). Her current interests include playing with wooden trains, building with wooden blocks, loving on all cloth baby dolls and going for long walks. Her room is decorated in a wintery Disney's Frozen theme. She loves to dress up and use her imagination. She is very enthralled by Elsa and Anna from Frozen right now.

Despite having infertility issues and the desire for more children, we have made a decision to not have any more children, at least at this time. Therefore, any products that would be appropriate for my daughter's age groups, natural products for around the home, natural supplements, homeschooling materials, etc. would all be appropriate products for me to consider reviewing. We are a very religious, Catholic, homeschooling family.

Please note that household allergies include latex, kiwi, mango and papaya. Please also note that I am gluten free due to sensitivities.

I do require that all products that a company would like for me to review to be full sized items. You are responsible for all shipping costs involved with product reviews. (This includes the shipping of giveaway prizes. If giveaway prizes are shipped to me with the expectation of my shipping them to the winner without prior agreement from me to do so, the item will become the property of Growing Up Naturally Together and will not be used as a sponsored prize.) All products that are sent for review do become the property of Growing Up Naturally Together and will not be returned. Books that are for my children to review are required to be actual print books, not e-books. I request approximately 30 days from the time I receive your product(s) before posting a review for them to be able to have an adequate amount of time to use the product(s) as I normally would.

We also enjoy doing reviews about our experience at your location. For location experience reviews, I am typically able to post my review within about  ten days to two weeks of our visit. This time period allows me to write as honest of a review as possible. We especially love to visit local venues that are either close to home (Atlanta Metro area) or close to places we frequently visit (Orlando, FL; Southeastern KY, near Knoxville, TN).

While I do not require you to include a giveaway with a review that I do for you (although I do personally feel that it is to your company's benefit to do so), I do not wish to do giveaways that do not include a product/service review. I prefer to recommend products/services to my readers that are advertised on my blog. I like to schedule at least one but preferably two, review(s) with giveaway(s) per week although reviews without a giveaway can be fit in almost anywhere. :) I try to include a minimum of 3 photos per review post and love to include 10 or more. I personally feel that the more my readers see of a product/location, the more they will want to experience it themselves!

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If you have any further questions or need a shipping address, please email me at Please make sure to include your business's name, a little bit about your business (and why you think Growing Up Naturally Together would be a good marketing fit) and contact info. I look forward to hearing from you soon!